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The mission of the Ghana Association of Rhode Island is primarily to unite as Ghanaians in diaspora. To socialize and educate ourselves as a group; in areas of Immigration, Health, Culture and Traditional Values. Remember, Unity is Strength. We strive to learn from other cultures and absorb their sense of unity as a group. This unity allows them many opportunities including serious consideration by Political Officials.

Further, our success becomes a winning trophy to our motherland Ghana. We empower ourselves economically. This translates to extend a helping hand to our families that are in need in Ghana. Also, to assist Ghana, even in a small way, may actually become life saving in Ghana. An example of this is the adoption of the Mamprobi Poly Clinic Maternity Ward in Accra (see below for additional info).


Mamprobi Poly-Clinic Project

The Association has the mission to undertake charitable projects in Ghana, our Mother land. We have taken initiatives to adopt Mamprobi Poly clinic in Accra. To extend the Maternity Ward and provide necessary medical amenities and provide the Ward an ambulance at their disposal. To benefit Mamprobi Maternity Ward, the Association officially launched an appeal for donations on December 29th 2007 during the Annual Dinner Party, at the Radisson Hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Cultural Exchange Program

At the Ghana's fiftieth Independence flag raising ceremony at the Providence City Hall, the former President, Mr. Kwasi Asante unveiled the hope of the Association to build a common link between Ghana, the City of Providence, and the State of Rhode Island. He announced the proposal to sponsor fifteen Rhode Island teens to visit Ghana. This program is the Association's initiative to build the "Future Friends of Ghana".

To Contribute toward this program, please send contributions to the Ghana Association. Please mark the envelope: Cultural Exchange Program

Scholarship Fund

The Association has a mission to encourage our young children to attain High school diplomas and College degrees. The Association awarded six scholarships to college students in 2004 and 2005. To donate toward the Scholarship Fund, please send donations to the Ghana Association. Please mark the envelope: Scholarship Fund

Building Fund

The Association has a goal to establish "Ghana Cultural and Education Center" in Providence, Rhode Island. The Center shall provide a base for Cultural Education. Including, Ghanaian Games as well as Cultural Drumming and Dancing.

This center will also provide language classes including Ghanaian Traditional Education. The goal for this project is to make a rich Ghanaian Culture available to educate our children. To contribute towards the program, please send donations to the Ghana Association. Please Mark Envelope: Building Fund

Micellaneous Charity Involvement

Food Bank -- The Ghana Association in November 2004 volunteered at the Amos House. Members of the Association served hot meals, washed dishes and helped in many areas during the Thanksgiving holiday. In the same year, we donated about $400.00 worth of canned goods to the Rhode Island Food Bank in Cranston, Rhode Island..

Health Awareness -- Since 1994, the Association collaborates annually with the Rhode Island American Cancer Society and the Monority Health Department to organize Health Awareness information and educate the Ghanaian community. This has been a great success with positive results.

In 2006, the Association collaborated with the Rhode Island Health Department to organize "The Dangers of Tobacco Use and Smoke Free Environment" program. This program was streamlined to educate both adults and the youth. Thirteen youths participated in the drawing competition. Awards ranged from $50 to $100.


Board of Directors

  • Rev., Samuel Asare
  • Mr. Alex Danso
  • Mr. Kwasi Asante
  • Mr. Kofi Adu-Gyamfi
  • Mr. Kwame Adu-Gyamfi
  • Chief Alhasan
  • Mr. Duke Osei Tutu
  • Dr. Daniel Asiedu

Our Executives

  • President
    Nana Kwame Larbi

  • Vice President
    Mrs. Silvia Serwaa Sam

  • Secretary
    Celestina Okai

  • Assistant Secretary

  • Treasurer
    Mr. Frank Sam

  • Assistant Treasurer

  • Organizing Secretary
    Mrs. Comfort Danso

  • Ass. Organizing Secretary
    Mrs. Ruby Adu-Gyamfi

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  • Ghana Association of Rhode Island
    461 Main Street
    Pawtucket, RI 02860
    Telephone: 401-654-7330
    Fax: 401-726-6553

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